We’ve mastered the ART of Hazardous Material Detection, Abatement Planning and Remediation Monitoring.

For almost 35 years, Adelaide Environmental Health Associates has been helping businesses and organizations accurately and efficiently detect and plan for the cost-effective and predictable removal of asbestos, lead, mold, PCBs and other toxic materials.

Identifying hazardous materials and then determining the best route for their abatement is a singular focus and passion for Adelaide President and CEO Stephanie Soter, senior VP John Soter and a team of over twenty experienced and expert environmental and industrial hygienists.



Successfully addressing these issues is a mix of art and science; method and intuition. Using the most up-to-date testing equipment and techniques, Adelaide brings a comprehensive yet quick response to a client’s needs in the field. The experience, expertise and training of their staff ensure not only that regulatory requirements are met, but also that unanticipated site conditions are dealt with effectively and efficiently.


Adelaide is a certified New York State Woman-owned Business Enterprise and a Federal Women Owned Small Business. In addition, we are an approved consultant on the New York State Office of General Services roster. Government agencies which have contracted with Adelaide as a term, prime, or subconsultant for a wide variety of projects include: GSA, USPS, DOT, DOD, DASNY, NYPA, SUCF and numerous others.

Headquartered in Brewster, New York (with offices in Albany and Buffalo), Adelaide is a multi-disciplined leader in hazardous material investigation, abatement design, remediation monitoring, and other services such as emergency response and disaster recovery. From these locations, Adelaide is able to service contracts across New York, the tri-state area and all of the US while meeting stringent on-call standards.

Since 1983, Adelaide has facilitated the safe renovation, upgrade or demolition of a wide variety of buildings and structures, including schools and churches, hospital and psychiatric facilities, historically significant buildings, and industrial, corporate, and manufacturing facilities. Our client list includes major corporations; numerous federal, state and local government agencies; healthcare institutions and industrial facilities, and many others who have come to rely on our responsiveness and breadth of experience.

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What makes Adelaide the preferred choice for many of our clients? There are best practices we’ve adopted which set us apart and allow us to deliver the accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness for which we’ve become known:

Multi-disciplined inspectors - Adelaide employees are well-versed in and licensed across the gamut of environmental hazards; they can transfer knowledge and understanding from one situation to the next which saves client’s time and money. 

Low employee turnover - there is little turnover among Adelaide’s inspectors; they deeply understand our proven processes, the core businesses we serve and the logistics particular to the sites we work within.

Partner involvement and access to upper management - when you deal with Adelaide, you are dealing with the top management of the company from start to finish. There is no bait and switch here.

24/7 Availability - simply stated, the team at Adelaide is available on short notice, around the clock and in emergency situations to begin the process of hazardous material detection and remediation planning.

If you have a question about hazardous material detection, remediation planning and removal monitoring, please contact us today.



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