A wide variety of services all related to detecting, remediation planning and monitoring the removal of hazardous materials.

Adelaide is focused detecting environmentally hazardous materials and then designing and monitoring plans and procedures to safely and legally remove those materials from buildings and property. Adelaide does this in compliance with federal, state and local regulations for emergency situations, project-specific as well as ongoing engagements.

Most of Adelaide’s work is centered on asbestos, lead, mold and PCBs material testing, abatement design and monitoring. However, our experience in developing protocols and plans to detect and mitigate these substances is applicable to other environmental hazards, such as mercury, radon or other toxic substances.


With almost 35 years of field experience and a commitment to ongoing, multi-discipline training for its staff, Adelaide continues to operate at the forefront of environmental consulting in these times of complex economic and ecological challenges. Other services Adelaide provides include the following:

AIR QUALITY ASSESSMENTS - Indoor air quality problems can be caused by a variety of reasons; we use our experience and state-of-the-art technology to identify and enumerate allergens, particulates, and other pollutants, by direct microscopic analysis or by microbiological culture.

INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE INVESTIGATIONS - we undertake a comprehensive, custom approach to identify and resolve industrial hygiene problems arising from past and current practices in the treatment, storage, and disposal of risk-bearing substances in the workplace, most especially hazardous industrial waste.

OSHA COMPLIANCE - failing an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspection can have serious financial, productivity and perceptual consequences for any business. We evaluate a client’s OSHA compliance status with detailed audits aligned with OSHA’s testing standards.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS - we evaluate potential internal and external threats to a client’s physical plant, workforce, and productivity and then prepare a detailed plan with operating procedures tailored to a variety of emergency situations. If needed, we will provide training of the staff to complete the emergency preparedness process. 

PHASE I ENVIRONMENTAL SITE ASSESSMENT - property investigation conducted by our trained, certified professionals in compliance with ASTM standards to uncover any recognized environmental conditions which represent either current or previous environmental hazards.

PHASE II ENVIRONMENTAL SITE ASSESSMENT - based upon a positive Phase 1 ESA result, Phase II ESAs involve comprehensive sample gathering, based upon site-specific conditions, testing and analysis to either confirm the absence of contamination or become the basis for a remediation recommendation. 

If you have a unique services requirement related to the detection or mitigation planning of environmentally hazardous materials or situations that you haven’t seen here, please contact us to discuss your unique requirements. Our deep experience and expertise in this field may allow us to develop a solution to your situation.

Asbestos: Consulting, Inspection, Abatement Design and Project Monitoring/Air services.


Lead: Consulting, Inspection, Abatement Design and Project Monitoring/Air services.


Mold: Consulting, Inspection, Abatement Design and Project Monitoring/Air services.


PCBs: Consulting, Inspection, Abatement Design and Project Monitoring/Air services.