Thoughts On Selecting The Right Hazardous Material Abatement Company

The discovery of hazardous materials in a building - especially one used by the public - can create anxiety and confusion in determining the best route to ad ...

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6 Things Property Managers Need To Know About Mold

This past winter was especially brutal for property managers in the New York-New Jersey area. Not only were there more snow events but a number of them were ...

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Architects And Engineers: Plan For Asbestos Inspections Now

There are many factors to consider when you’re engaged in a construction or remodeling project. Design, materials, functionality, budget and many more. ...

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National Lead Information Center (NLIC) provides information about lead hazards and their prevention. Reach via phone 1-800-424-5323 or e-mail

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The EPA’s New York Regional PCB Polychlorinated Biphenyl Program provides information and coordinates with the National EPA about PCBs . Regional Coordinator Mark Bean can be phoned at 1 (732) 321-6606 or emailed at

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